Class Task

    • Constructor Detail

      • Task

        public Task()
    • Method Detail

      • setLabel

        public void setLabel​(String label)
      • setOn

        public void setOn​(Calendar on)
      • getRecurring

        public Recurring getRecurring()
      • setRecurring

        public void setRecurring​(Recurring recurring)
      • getRecurringDisplay

        public String getRecurringDisplay()
      • getRelative

        public boolean getRelative()
      • setRelative

        public void setRelative​(boolean relative)
      • getAssignedTo

        public List<TaskAssignment> getAssignedTo()
        Gets the users the task is assigned to or a single-element list of "Unassigned" if unassigned.
      • getAssignedTo

        public TaskAssignment getAssignedTo​(User who)
        Checks if this task is assigned to the given user.
        The assignment or null if not assigned to the given person.
      • addAssignedTo

        public void addAssignedTo​(User who,
                                  DayDuration after)
      • getPay

        public String getPay()
      • setPay

        public void setPay​(String pay)
      • getCost

        public String getCost()
      • setCost

        public void setCost​(String cost)
      • getPriorities

        public List<TaskPriority> getPriorities()
        Gets the priorities of the task.
      • getPriority

        public Priority getPriority​(Calendar from,
                                    long now)
        Gets the effective priority, which is the priority with the time best matching the given "now" time.
        from - the date the priority is being determined from.
        now - the current system timestamp
      • getZeroDayPriority

        public Priority getZeroDayPriority()
        Gets the priority that will be used on the zero day.
      • getDoBefores

        public Set<ElementRef> getDoBefores()
        Gets all the doBefores for this task. It is up to the caller to look-up the referenced elements.
      • addDoBefore

        public void addDoBefore​(ElementRef doBefore)
      • getCustomLogs

        public Set<String> getCustomLogs()
      • addCustomLog

        public void addCustomLog​(String name)
      • getXmlFile

        public PageRef getXmlFile()
      • setXmlFile

        public void setXmlFile​(PageRef xmlFile)
      • getTaskLog

        public TaskLog getTaskLog()