A task is any one-time or recurring task that may be assigned to a person, have an activity log associated with it, and have scheduling.

Must be nested inside a <core:page> tag.

Tag Information

Tag Class: com.pragmatickm.task.taglib.TaskTag
TagExtraInfo Class: None
Body Content: scriptless
Display Name: None
Dynamic Attributes: true


Name Required Evaluation Type Description
id No Deferred-Value String

A page-unique ID for the task.

This will also be used as an anchor when generating links to the task. This ID is also used to generate the filename for the persistence XML file. If not provided, is generated from the label. Ids generated from labels will be unique, but may change as page structure changes.

style No Deferred-Value Object

Optional CSS style attribute.

label No Deferred-Value String

A brief label for the task.

Defaults to the page short title.

on No Deferred-Value String

The date the task is to be accomplished.

If a recurring task, this is the first date it occurs. Required for recurring tasks. Format is "YYYY-MM-DD".

recurring No Deferred-Value String

Tasks may be recurring.

When recurring, tasks must be flagged as Completed/Nothing To Do/Missed for each of the scheduled dates.

Supported values are as documented in com.aoapps.hodgepodge.schedule.Recurring.parse method: Recurring JavaDocs

relative No Deferred-Value Boolean

Recurring tasks can be recurring in a fixed time interval (the default) or relative to the last time they were flagged as Completed, Missed, or Nothing To Do.

  • false (the default) - recurring tasks are based on fixed time intervals
  • true - recurring tasks are relative to previous time the task was Completed, Missed, or Nothing To Do.
assignedTo No Deferred-Value String

The name of the primary person the task is assigned to.

Must be the name of a User. Defaults to "Unassigned". To provide multiple assignments, use nested <task:assignedTo> tags.

pay No Deferred-Value String

The pay associated with this task.

This is free-form, could be anything, such as "$1000" or "$120/hr".

cost No Deferred-Value String

The cost associated with this task.

This is free-form, could be anything, such as "$1000" or "$60/month".

priority No Deferred-Value String

The priority of the task.

Defaults to "medium". To provide multiple priorities use nested <task:priority> tags.

Supported values are:

  1. "future" - Task may possibly be done in the future, but should not be worked on yet.
  2. "low" - Not much urgency, do in free time
  3. "medium" - Default/normal priority
  4. "high" - Generally means one step away from a serious problem
  5. "critical" - There is a serious problem that interferes with current operations


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